By the Developer of KK Times Square, Imago Mall, The Loft Residence, Signature Office, Karamunsing Capital

The Checkpoint of Tomorrow

Take off from this promising land in KK South and savour a delectable lifestyle in the vicinity.

Live the moment, let life happen to you.

Unearth the Uncut Diamond

Unearth the priceless glint beneath the uncut diamond, The Zil promises a mesmerizing shine.
Discover the brightest gem in KK South, where life begins.

Timeless Prospect. Endless Possibilities.

The Zil is designed to surprise you with endless possibilities of your heartfelt desires.
Travel through a charming lifestyle and grasp the credibility of aspiration.

Vivacity of Aspiration

Come seize the unseen potential nestled in KK South while we sow the seeds of vibrancies of tomorrow.
Welcome to The Zil.

Live the Experience

Naturally accessible via the Pan Borneo Highway, The Zil does not only fulfil your desires to a life-enchanting experience,
but to create a future to those who believe in their dreams.